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The CORE Fellows Program brings together individuals from diverse disciplines and sectors and equips them to collaborate and apply their skills to solve complex societal problems. The curriculum is focused on the identification and definition of use-inspired research problems and the design of sustainable solutions through close connections with end-users and communities of practice. Learn more about our curriculum here.

2024 Fellows

 Each year the CORE Institute selects a thematic focus related to a societal grand challenge. The theme for the 2024 Institute is “Leveraging Data and Artificial Intelligence for Sustainable Regional Food Systems”. See below to learn more about the 2024 CORE Fellows. 

Green Orchard

Fellows Projects

The theme for the 2023 Institute was “Tackling Climate-Induced Challenges with AI”. See below to learn more about the 2023 CORE Fellows projects. 

2023 Fellows

Adam Smith
Missouri Botanical Garden
Aisha Yousuf
Raytheon BBN Technologies
Alexis Will
World Wildlife Fund US Arctic Program
Aleya Kaushik
University of Colorado Boulder
Anthony D'Agostino
Arturo Leon
Florida International University
Brennan Bean
Utah State University
Casey Youngflesh
Michigan State University
Chuxuan Li
Northwestern University Earth and Planetary Sciences Department
Daniel Howard
National Center for Atmospheric Research
Dapeng Li
South Dakota State University
Dawn Lehman
University of Washington
Debzani Deb
Winston-Salem State University
Di Shi
New Mexico State University
Dong Liang
UMCES, Chesapeake Biological Laboratory
Elizabeth Brown
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Elizabeth Webb
University of Florida
Fatemeh Izaditame
University of Delaware
Galen Treuer
Miami-Dade County
Gamal El Afandi
Tuskegee University
Gammon Koval
Farallon Institute
Gang He
Department of Technology and Society, Stony Brook University
Guillermo Velasco
Gustavo Marques
National Center for Atmospheric Research
The University of Texas at San Antonio
Hao Wang
Rutgers University
Hassan Moustahfid
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
Holly Josephs
Rutgers University, Department of Civil Engineering
Inna Popova
University of Wisconsin - Madison
Ivannia Gomez Moreno
Centro de Enseñanza Técnica y Superior
Jake Stevens
Jeeyoon Jung
United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change
Jiaxin Du
Texas A&M University
Jillian Grennan
UC Berkeley
Joanta Green
United Nations Development Programme
Jonathan Leidig
Grand Valley State University
Josh Seltzer
Nexxt Intelligence
Joshua Picotte
United States Geological Survey
Julia Oliveto
Los Alamos National Laboratory
Keqi He
Nicholas School of the Environment, Duke University
Lara Munro
University of New Hampshire
Ljuba Novi
Georgia Institute of Technology
Mara Freilich
Scripps Institution of Oceanography / Brown University
Maria Molina
University of Maryland at College Park
Maria Salazar
University of Michigan
Meredith McPherson
University of Massachusetts Boston
Michael Marks
Analytica Consulting
Mistoria Brown
University of Miami
Morgan Levy
Scripps Institution of Oceanography, UC San Diego
Neven Fuckar
University of Oxford, Environmental Change Institute (ECI)
Nezamoddin N. Kachouie
Florida Institute of Technology
Nick Haring
Byron Analytics
Nicolas Gauthier
University of Florida, Florida Museum of Natural History
Omar Abbaas
The University of Texas at San Antonio
Paige Austin
University of Utah
Peiyuan Li
Discovery Partners Institute, University of Illinois System
Pejman Tahmasebi
Colorado School of Mines
Rasika Bhalerao
Northeastern University
Rebecca Shaftel
University of Alaska Fairbanks
Reed Van Beveren
Environmental Policy Innovation Center
Richard Smith
Wayne State University
Robert Ddamulira
C.S Mott Foundation
Roger Wang
Rutgers University
Rose Wang
Rocky Mountain Institute
Shreyas Jha
The Robotics Institute, Carnegie Mellon University
Sirani Mututhanthrige Perera
Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University
Stephen Medeiros
Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University
Svitlana Tarasenko
Sumy State University
Tess Carter
George Washington University
Victoria Preston
Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
Vivek Pandit
Xiaonan Tai
New Jersey Institute of Technology
Xingpeng Li
University of Houston
Xinyi Shen
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
Ying Sun
Cornell University
Yu Yang
California State University Long Beach
Yueling Ma
Princeton University
Yun Sing Koh
The University of Auckland
Yury Garcia
University of California Davis
Zhanxiang Hua
University of Washington Seattle
Zhanzhao Li
The Pennsylvania State University
Zhaoan Wang
The University of Iowa
Zhe Wang
University of Idaho
Zhen Cong
University of Alabama at Birmingham
Zhiang Chen
Arizona State University
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