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Resilient and Just Power Systems

How to use AI to help disadvantaged communities to keep lights on during hurricanes?

The team uses a reinforcement learning-based solution to address city-wide resource prioritization and allocation problems for power outage restoration, which is intractable using conventional mathematical programming methods. This facilitates efficient power restoration and reduces power outage-related risks and fatalities.

A Convergence Research Project

The convergence research partnership is essential for successfully addressing the challenges of power resilience during natural disasters. The team brings together interdisciplinary expertise, including weather forecasters, grid modelers, data scientists, AI experts, and policy evaluators, to bridge the gap between real-world challenge, research, and policy-making. Their collaboration also builds capacity to integrate scientific advances in climate science, AI, outage prediction models, and system optimization. This project will address the needs of policy makers, Independent System Operators (ISOs), utility companies, and disadvantaged communities.

How has the CORE Institute helped the team?

Our interdisciplinary team was formed in the Fellow Program offered by the CORE Institute. We are grateful for the incubator opportunity to engage with our mentors to receive feedback, and all the training sessions to sharpen our ideas, skills, and proposal developments.

Team Members

Other Projects
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