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Environmental Policy Innovation Center


Reed Van Beveren

Environmental Policy Innovation Center

Reed Van Beveren is the Technology Policy & Research Lead at the Environmental Policy Innovation Center (EPIC), a non-profit, where he conducts research on how to better leverage technology in service of public environmental goals, including in the water sector. Prior to joining EPIC, Reed spent 8 years at the U.S. Government Accountability Office reviewing federal government programs as part of the Natural Resources and Environment team. His work has included reviews of EPA's air quality monitoring program and technology transfer at multiple agencies. He also led several efforts to make better use of data and build tech capacity at GAO. As a graduate student, he helped NGOs in Tanzania and Indonesia refine strategies for tackling human-wildlife conflict around a national park and improving urban water sources. Reed holds a Masters of Public Administration from Cornell University, where he focused on science, technology, and infrastructure policy, and BA in International Political Economy from Georgetown University.

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